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How important it is to blanch (not only your almonds…;0)


How important it is to blanch (not only your almonds…;0)

but everything else in your life! Blanching instead

of just boiling, steaming or roasting or God

forbid frying ;0/ Blanching makes it stop

boiling inside (keeping as much good stuff in

as possible). So far the best way (that

seems to work for me;) is to crack a joke,

regardless of how hurt, angry or super sensitive I

feel at the time). And it doesn’t matter if it’s

not at all on the topic! I don’t

even have to

say it out loud. Sometimes I just say a joke in my mind. And even that seems to

do the trick! I guess there is a certain degree of

easement appears (like a smile;) in my eyes.

And sometimes I just can’t help myself but to


 laughing, almost uncontrollably (almost being

 the key word here;) and that normally

throws my opponent right off the track. But

not in a bad way as there is no malice one can detect in my

eyes or my laughter.  I learned that

technique from one of my favourite elephants, who sometimes just

starts (and keeps on) laughing very loudly (no

matter what the subject of  conversation

 might be;).

 It used to piss me off sooo much but then I

learned that it actually does more good than

bad (for both parties;).



Sorry I kind of seem to be deviating from the original topic here. The reason being…I just felt like it;) No… actually, I’m taking back the “sorry” part!  As it is my blog and I can write about… whatever I feel like writing about. But I do promise to go back to the original story line (at some point;)

I will be back soon! Stay safe and sane till then!

Love! E ;0)x      

P.S. There is an amber weather warning’s been issued by the Met Office for the area where I live. That made me wonder about two things: Is it going to be serious? And why have they chosen amber to be associated with that threat? I think Amber is such a warm, soft and friendly colour, don’t you think?


Storm should really hit the ground running after midnight tonight but for now it almost feels like Christmas (minus the presents of course;). When everybody has stored some food to last a week and is planning to stay home for a while