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With Halloween around the corner let’s add some giggles to our life! ;0)

 With Halloween around the corner, I’m making this post in a dark (ish;) kind of

mode. Hope by doing so I might be able to get in touch with the dark side of life

(not necessarily mine that is;)

First pic here is the winter view from my balcony  (it has more colour in real

life of course;)


 Below are the portraits  of a friendly ghost. Who  has agreed once to pose for me

;). And at the bottom is the view out of my kitchen window. Hope you are truly

terrified by what you

see ;0)! Oh, nearly forgot, last on this page is the sketch of a robber’s portrait (I’m still

not sure what he wanted here though;).

Have a lovely (full of giggles;0) Halloween!

Love! E:0) x x x x






H1NV_20131030_2 NV_20131030_0 (1)