What I’m currently working on

Due to the nature of my work (I’m a head-hunter), I meet a lot of people and engage myself in

conversations with them (about themselves).

Aim of those tailor made conversations is to get my

candidates to open up to me and then to see in turn where I can place them.

 I’ve noticed lately that

this skill of mine has become very transferable and I seem to strike conversations with ease

regardless of my surroundings as I seem to enjoy chatting to people that for one reason or another

seem interesting to me.

So I ended up with the whole list of people in my mind, that I like to remember and

might like to tell the whole world about.

With their permission of course, as let’s face it the whole

world could potentially be a very big audience (mind you sometimes it could be absolutely

devastatingly tiny…) and not everyone likes to brag about themselves (it must be the lack

of control thing, right?;)

So cutting to the chase, from time to time I will be telling you about those

remarkable people. So please watch out for those posts. And if you have any questions, I will be

more than happy to clarify them for you (if I may 😉

Stay Safe and Sane!

Love! E ;0) x x x x

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