About me

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I was never quite sure about what sort of things one should write on this page.  But

as I’m not

planning to start generalising here,  I’m just going to write what feels right

to me ;)! And if it doesn’t feel right to you please feel free to comment! And

don’t worry about hurting my feelings here as should that ever happen  I’m going to

moderate you

right back ;),

publishing only the constructive ones and very cute ones ;)!

I’d like to start by telling

you about things that I love (just a couple of those as I wouldn’t want to give

away too much info about myself (not just yet anyway;)).

– Smell of freshly baked croissants in the morning.

– Feel of fresh pillowcase against my cheek when I fall asleep.

– Feel of

hot shower  on my skin after a busy day.

– Feeling of joy when against all the odds things do work out.

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And I would absolutely love to know what sort of things you like! So please do tell!!!

Enjoy the things you love and pay no attention to the ones you don’t (if you  succeed in doing that please tell me how;)!

Love! E ;0) x x x

P.S. What I absolutely cannot stand is walking up the stairs that have no


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