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Boo-hoo meditation! ;0)

All times favourite colours

Boo-hoo meditation! Looking back at my life I

have realised that I was great at

meditation at 7 years of age. When I couldn’t

sleep at night because my legs where hurting

very very much. So what I came up with back then

(having absolutely no idea about the

concept of meditation) I find truly

remarkable now. Whenever I was in pain, I

started imagining

that my legs were hurting on the other side of

the bed and as long as I was staying on my side of

the bed it couldn’t possibly affect me. Because

how could it? As pain and I were in different places ;0).

Funny thing is that it has taken me a very

long time to learn how to meditate properly

(in a grown up kind of way) and to be honest

 I think I’m not really there just yet. Unless my legs start

to hurt at night and then it only takes me a couple of

minutes to switch off from the reality and

fall asleep. (I wish I could also do it with


 I very much hope that my story would help you somehow!

Stay pain and meds free for as long as you can! And if you succeed in doing  that for more than a week please share your ways with the rest of us ;)!

Love! E x x x

P.S. Have a look at my impressions that I made over this weekend (it was initially sketched for me many years ago by someone who I seem to  not really know any longer;).

my impressions in colour

P.P.S. I’m  absolutely dying to know which ones of those colours you like more than others!!!