Welcome to my blog!

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Welcome to my blog! Life, contrary to the

popular belief, is not funny (unless funny

means something completely different in your

Universe ;). INTERESTING…it definitely is!

My intent is to share with you the reasons

why my MS shall not stop me from living or

leaving my life (pan intended of course ;). And

 no I’m not going to generalise here and say –

“it shouldn’t stop anyone…” Since we all are

somewhat different, don’t you think? ;0) P.S. I

will attempt to do so in a surreal kind of

fashion. As I honestly think that this way, it

would look cute and I will enjoy writing it soo

 much more ;0)

P.P.S. And since cognitive challenges are very

common for people with my condition I’m sure that I will be

making a lot of spelling, grammar, repeat

words etc. mistakes that I promise not to try

 and pass as typos. So as a “return favour” to

 me, I’m asking you to ignore it the best way

you can (and if you manage to do that… tell me



I will be back soon! Stay safe and sane till then!

Love! E ;0) x 

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog!

  1. nnyl1

    the poem is very good too! you are a talented lady. i was just first blown away with the visual presentation before i read the elephant in the room poem. words you can make flow too. be proud of those talents . hold them tight and never lose them..nnyl1(=lynn)

    1. Elena W Post author

      Lynn dearest, coming from you that is one hell of a complement! As I always regarded you as one of the smartest people I ever came across! Who is relentlessly challenging the traditional way of thinking! And I most certainly, thank you ever so much for that!!! ;0) P.S. All that website staff I’ve never done before (honest!). I just draw and write little in my spare time.B.T.W. I posted some new pix on the previous posts + new post. Would love to hear what you think about it! Love! E ;0)