Post-Christmas Special ;0)

Congratulations to all on making it to the other side of Christmas!!!


The whole mode of overindulging reminded me of a comment that I have originaly posted a while ago

  on  the digital  home for thoughts  of one of my

favourite bloggers who had the most brilliant idea to write about Seven Deadly Sins.

(yours truly picked Gluttony to write about ;). So I’m reblogging my comment here (hope you like it;)


Gluttony is my favourite sin because it’s acting like my best friend and

understanding lover, whose love for me is absolutely unconditional! It gives me

comfort, joy and reassurance that everything would be ok (or possibly much better!

 And should I be having that truly raw, dark chocolate love affair ;) the level of

endorphins that gets released in to my bloodstream in a process…makes me forget

about the really dark side of my life! ;) And when everything between us gets

totally organic, I feel that there is nothing I can do wrong! Thinking that regardless

of the quantity it must be very good for me!

Do you think these are good reasons to indulge oneself? ;0)


Here in London it’s turning out to be a warm winter  (Not that I’m complaining

about it;). However couple of weeks ago I was chatting on skype and  out of the

window on the background I saw the real 

 white winter!

 Of course I had to make

pictures of that.  When I look at it now I find myself feeling a bit… jealous. So I

thought of posting it here. Not to provoke jealousy of course but to share

a glimpse of truly  beautiful white winter!

Wishing you to fulfill all of your New Year Resolutions!!!

Love! E ;0)x x x x 

P.S. It’s ok to be a bit jealous on this occasion (if you feel like it ;0)