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ElenaW into art ;0)

“God doesn’t require us to succeed; He only requires that you try.” (Mother Teresa)

window view 1

With that in mind…

On the WDP side of things…  Since I’ve set up my blog, people keep

asking me if I have my work (drawings/ photos/paintings) displayed

anywhere (besides my place of course 😉 and if it is possible to buy any of

them.  So I have decided not to waste any time wandering…and to set

up a gallery website.

As this website going be devoted to my journey into the world of art.

I have decided to call this venture –  “ElenaW into art”  and have just

registered a corresponding domain name. Further development of that

website/ecommerce side of things will follow shortly and will be handled

by a very dear friend of mine, whose contact details I will be of course

sharing a with you in due course. So for further updates on “ElenaW into

art” please watch this space  (that I’m also planning to change before the spring ends;0)

I will be back very soon with my usual surreal way of storytelling.

Stay Safe and Sane till then! And please make sure you are using your sanity for success!!! 😉 Love! E ;0) x x x x


“First they ignore you, then they ridicule

you, then they fight you, and then you win.”  (Mahatma Gandhi)


Canvas pillow talk

Whilst continuing my life-time-long love affair with colours I keep wondering, shall I just

scream what I can not (or for some reason just will not) whisper?



photo 1




photo 2

cbred paintingI think I’ll try… and see how that turns out!  ;0)

Enjoy the glorious summer time Sun! And do your best to stay out of trouble (sunburns and all… 😉

Love you loads! E ;0) x x x x

P.S. Will keep you updated on the results (not the process itself though as one seems to be way too private for that;)!

My highschool crash…

I wonder, how different my life would be if I never read that poem and saw that

painting… Kind of nature vs nurture question. I’m usually on the nature’s side of

things but now I’m not so sure… What about you?

Love! E ;0) x x x x x

File:Vrubel Demon.jpg



Life-Death importance of the punctuation marks…. or the unlikeliest events that trigger inspiration!

To be or not..  :,0(  To be! ;0) To love or not… To love! Well

those were the most obvious ones hence I ought to ask …To

keep dreaming or to… wake up? 😉 And  to my

own surprise… I’m choosing the latter (which isn’t like me

at all ;). It might be due to the spring, that is so undoubtedly in

the air. But I regard this to an amazing event that recently took

place in my life.  A Pilgrim, whom I haven’t seen for many

centuries (as one can’t/doesn’t really want to be updated on

their 700 years pilgrimage schedule 😉   had made an

appearance. Bringing with them exotic veil of tireless white

desert sun, mercilessly shining over the endless sand dunes.

That by the end of the day is changing for the bottom-of –the-

well- cold desert night that is so full of magic… And of course

the most mesmerising stories that take one so far away into the

world of the whole new dimensions… And that has inspired me

to go back to painting that I’m sure I will enjoy ;0) I will keep you

updated when and if… 😉 Am

leaving you for now with this Celtic

Harp tunes that seem to reflect my current mood.


With all my love! E ;0) x x x x

mask bv

Post-Christmas Special ;0)

Congratulations to all on making it to the other side of Christmas!!!


The whole mode of overindulging reminded me of a comment that I have originaly posted a while ago

  on  http://hobbling.wordpress.com/  the digital  home for thoughts  of one of my

favourite bloggers who had the most brilliant idea to write about Seven Deadly Sins.

(yours truly picked Gluttony to write about ;). So I’m reblogging my comment here (hope you like it;)


Gluttony is my favourite sin because it’s acting like my best friend and

understanding lover, whose love for me is absolutely unconditional! It gives me

comfort, joy and reassurance that everything would be ok (or possibly much better!

 And should I be having that truly raw, dark chocolate love affair ;) the level of

endorphins that gets released in to my bloodstream in a process…makes me forget

about the really dark side of my life! ;) And when everything between us gets

totally organic, I feel that there is nothing I can do wrong! Thinking that regardless

of the quantity it must be very good for me!

Do you think these are good reasons to indulge oneself? ;0)


Here in London it’s turning out to be a warm winter  (Not that I’m complaining

about it;). However couple of weeks ago I was chatting on skype and  out of the

window on the background I saw the real 

 white winter!

 Of course I had to make

pictures of that.  When I look at it now I find myself feeling a bit… jealous. So I

thought of posting it here. Not to provoke jealousy of course but to share

a glimpse of truly  beautiful white winter!

Wishing you to fulfill all of your New Year Resolutions!!!

Love! E ;0)x x x x 

P.S. It’s ok to be a bit jealous on this occasion (if you feel like it ;0)






“What we are never changes but who we are never stops changing”

“what we are never changes but who we are never stops changing” Don’t know

who’s saying it is…. I just remembered it when  I climbed into my attic this morning

 to fetch something and then I saw that..!Newham-20131105-00355 I can’t believe I never looked at it this way before (dough! :0/. Isn’t it funny how often

we just don’t see what is right in front of us and has actually been arranged by ourselves.

Clearly without realising why we are doing it this way;).  Like right now,

yours truly just doesn’t seem to be able to stop writing the obvious

things, that’ve been said many times before ;0/ Don’t know, maybe it’s a Monday

thing (and here I go again :0/ Well may be I should just shut up and see if I could do

any better with pics (I must be able to right?;) But before I go I’d like to quote one of

my favorite philosophers of all times, Michel De Montaigne –  

“We are all patchwork, and so shapeless and

diverse in composition that each bit,  each moment, plays its own game.  And there

is as much difference between us and ourselves as between us and others.”

I will be back very soon! (hopefully with something more coherent;) Stay safe and sane till then!

Love! E ;0) x x x x



My favourite colours


As you have possibly  noticed already colours are very important part of my life!

And as

much as I  sometimes might like things in black and white, colours for me make

whole load of difference (and I actually do very much enjoy mixing them;)! Here is


picture of a dried up leave that was blown  in to my window by the autumn wind .

Original  listochek

Take a look at what I have made it into ;0)!

Leaves in many colours 

I would absolutely love to know which one of those is your favourite!!!

Never stop looking for the happy colours!

Love! E ;0) x x x x

P.S. Beauty could come into your life from the least expected places!

P.P.S.I’m well aware that the line above sounds very corny 😉