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“What we are never changes but who we are never stops changing”

“what we are never changes but who we are never stops changing” Don’t know

who’s saying it is…. I just remembered it when  I climbed into my attic this morning

 to fetch something and then I saw that..!Newham-20131105-00355 I can’t believe I never looked at it this way before (dough! :0/. Isn’t it funny how often

we just don’t see what is right in front of us and has actually been arranged by ourselves.

Clearly without realising why we are doing it this way;).  Like right now,

yours truly just doesn’t seem to be able to stop writing the obvious

things, that’ve been said many times before ;0/ Don’t know, maybe it’s a Monday

thing (and here I go again :0/ Well may be I should just shut up and see if I could do

any better with pics (I must be able to right?;) But before I go I’d like to quote one of

my favorite philosophers of all times, Michel De Montaigne –  

“We are all patchwork, and so shapeless and

diverse in composition that each bit,  each moment, plays its own game.  And there

is as much difference between us and ourselves as between us and others.”

I will be back very soon! (hopefully with something more coherent;) Stay safe and sane till then!

Love! E ;0) x x x x







As you have probably guessed already that ghost character, came by my place

again! What can I say… this creature just loves posing and to the best of my knowledge there are no

meds for vanity been made just yet. And even if there were I’m sure it would never be (it better not be;) made

 available over the counter;)!

Stay Safe and Sane!

Love! E ;0) x x x 

P.S. I think without vanity this world would be such a boring place, don’t you? 😉


My favourite colours


As you have possibly  noticed already colours are very important part of my life!

And as

much as I  sometimes might like things in black and white, colours for me make

whole load of difference (and I actually do very much enjoy mixing them;)! Here is


picture of a dried up leave that was blown  in to my window by the autumn wind .

Original  listochek

Take a look at what I have made it into ;0)!

Leaves in many colours 

I would absolutely love to know which one of those is your favourite!!!

Never stop looking for the happy colours!

Love! E ;0) x x x x

P.S. Beauty could come into your life from the least expected places!

P.P.S.I’m well aware that the line above sounds very corny 😉


Boo-hoo meditation! ;0)

All times favourite colours

Boo-hoo meditation! Looking back at my life I

have realised that I was great at

meditation at 7 years of age. When I couldn’t

sleep at night because my legs where hurting

very very much. So what I came up with back then

(having absolutely no idea about the

concept of meditation) I find truly

remarkable now. Whenever I was in pain, I

started imagining

that my legs were hurting on the other side of

the bed and as long as I was staying on my side of

the bed it couldn’t possibly affect me. Because

how could it? As pain and I were in different places ;0).

Funny thing is that it has taken me a very

long time to learn how to meditate properly

(in a grown up kind of way) and to be honest

 I think I’m not really there just yet. Unless my legs start

to hurt at night and then it only takes me a couple of

minutes to switch off from the reality and

fall asleep. (I wish I could also do it with


 I very much hope that my story would help you somehow!

Stay pain and meds free for as long as you can! And if you succeed in doing  that for more than a week please share your ways with the rest of us ;)!

Love! E x x x

P.S. Have a look at my impressions that I made over this weekend (it was initially sketched for me many years ago by someone who I seem to  not really know any longer;).

my impressions in colour

P.P.S. I’m  absolutely dying to know which ones of those colours you like more than others!!!

With Halloween around the corner let’s add some giggles to our life! ;0)

 With Halloween around the corner, I’m making this post in a dark (ish;) kind of

mode. Hope by doing so I might be able to get in touch with the dark side of life

(not necessarily mine that is;)

First pic here is the winter view from my balcony  (it has more colour in real

life of course;)


 Below are the portraits  of a friendly ghost. Who  has agreed once to pose for me

;). And at the bottom is the view out of my kitchen window. Hope you are truly

terrified by what you

see ;0)! Oh, nearly forgot, last on this page is the sketch of a robber’s portrait (I’m still

not sure what he wanted here though;).

Have a lovely (full of giggles;0) Halloween!

Love! E:0) x x x x






H1NV_20131030_2 NV_20131030_0 (1)










How important it is to blanch (not only your almonds…;0)


How important it is to blanch (not only your almonds…;0)

but everything else in your life! Blanching instead

of just boiling, steaming or roasting or God

forbid frying ;0/ Blanching makes it stop

boiling inside (keeping as much good stuff in

as possible). So far the best way (that

seems to work for me;) is to crack a joke,

regardless of how hurt, angry or super sensitive I

feel at the time). And it doesn’t matter if it’s

not at all on the topic! I don’t

even have to

say it out loud. Sometimes I just say a joke in my mind. And even that seems to

do the trick! I guess there is a certain degree of

easement appears (like a smile;) in my eyes.

And sometimes I just can’t help myself but to


 laughing, almost uncontrollably (almost being

 the key word here;) and that normally

throws my opponent right off the track. But

not in a bad way as there is no malice one can detect in my

eyes or my laughter.  I learned that

technique from one of my favourite elephants, who sometimes just

starts (and keeps on) laughing very loudly (no

matter what the subject of  conversation

 might be;).

 It used to piss me off sooo much but then I

learned that it actually does more good than

bad (for both parties;).



Sorry I kind of seem to be deviating from the original topic here. The reason being…I just felt like it;) No… actually, I’m taking back the “sorry” part!  As it is my blog and I can write about… whatever I feel like writing about. But I do promise to go back to the original story line (at some point;)

I will be back soon! Stay safe and sane till then!

Love! E ;0)x      

P.S. There is an amber weather warning’s been issued by the Met Office for the area where I live. That made me wonder about two things: Is it going to be serious? And why have they chosen amber to be associated with that threat? I think Amber is such a warm, soft and friendly colour, don’t you think?


Storm should really hit the ground running after midnight tonight but for now it almost feels like Christmas (minus the presents of course;). When everybody has stored some food to last a week and is planning to stay home for a while

Room full of elephants with sharp inner teeth ;0)!


Various techniques of successfully

hedging your bets in everyday life. Or my personal guide-

map to a small room stuffed with elephants that


very well polished sharp inner teeth ;0)!

How do you even get into that room?!!!! Just

try your best to squeeze in. As they would not

budge, no matter what you do! Instead they

will try to push you close to the door and then

out where you came from. Disregarding

completely that it is actually your room!

1) You’d need to have a very special map that

can be used to navigate around the room. As it really does

 get beyond crowded sometimes !!!  That

map has to be

small enough to fit into your pocket and not to stick out so it might

pock the elephants. As when that happens

they start noticing you and that (as you would see later) is not such a

good thing at all.

2) When trying to get to the same corners of the

room on a regular basis, it helps to make some

sort of a trail to help you in the future.


I think that nowadays it should be an

absolute must

subject in Schools (no actually it’s

best to start from the

kindergarten) – “Various techniques of how to

successfully hedge your bets in everyday life

(for 3 year olds;)”. I think if you leave it till

 later the vital time will be lost and a

possibility of them growing up to be some non-realistic

delusional losers will become inevitable.


–      watch this space as I will continue the story later –


Stay safe and sane till then!


                           Love! E ;0) x x x x


It’s a such a beautiful autumn day outside my windows:0) Makes one want to get up, open the balcony doors then go make some hot apple juice with cinnamon sticks and just a bit of brown sugar (plain digestive biscuits on the side are completely optional of course;).